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Songs Your Kids Should Know By Heart

You know when you hear an old song and you're instantly transported to a specific time and place? You get all the nostalgic feels, then somehow the lyrics resurface from the depths of your memory and all of a sudden you're belting out an almost perfect rendition of Karma Chameleon in the checkout line.

Aren't our minds amazing?? I've been thinking a lot lately about my first memories because I think they occur when I was about 4 years old, which is how old my daughter is right now. I'm constantly wondering what about our days she's recording and what will she recall decades from now.

With that in mind, I felt it would be a fun project to create a kind of soundtrack to her childhood since music is an integral part of our lives. I've been testing out my playlist for a few weeks while at home and on the go and it's so interesting to hear what Gianna likes (Paul Simon!) and what she's not quite ready for (The Who).

Since buying albums and listening to each track in succession is a thing of the past, and since the radio (IMO) is subpar, I think curating a specific playlist for our children is an especially loving gesture that they'll appreciate for years to come and perhaps transport them back to a cherished place and time that you intentionally created for them.

Another bonus: being able to tell stories about the songs that have meaning to us and share them with our kids, which I think strengthens our bond even more.

So here's how I did it and you can, too!


1 - BRAINSTORM. Grab this worksheet (coming soon!) or the nearest piece of paper and think about artists and songs using these prompts for inspiration.

"Here comes the sun in the form of a girl / She's the finest sweetest thing in the world.." Hole, Heaven Tonight

2 - DECIDE on the platform/app. I use Spotify and you can check my playlist out here.

3 - CREATE a new playlist, give it a name, and begin adding the songs from your brainstorming session in Step 1.

4 - PLAY it often. At home or on the road, let these songs soak in during those precious and seemingly mundane moments.


Elsewhere on the interwebs:


Tell me what songs your kids should know by heart and share your playlist, too!

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