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Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

Have you ever heard of PANTONE? Maybe you have if you're into design, but most people aren't familiar. Simply put, PANTONE is a company that maintains an expansive color catalog where every hue is assigned a number.

I learned the importance of using PMS (PANTONE Matching System) colors during my time at The Gift Wrap Company where we designed our products in our Northborough studio but sent the files to China for production. It was imperative that the printed colors not only matched the other items in the collection, but the added details like ribbons, buttons, or flocking as well.

So, specifying PANTONE 13-1023 in your design file would ensure that the same Peach Fuzz hue is also on the receiving end. HEX Codes work similarly. And to be honest, I don't really use PMS Colors much anymore since the Adobe products I use to design, no longer contain the PANTONE color books unless I pay extra.

Enough about all of that – back to the Color of the Year! Even if design isn't at the top of mind for you, it's cool to know that a lot of trend analysis and research has been conducted in order to determine that Peach Fuzz is THE color for 2024. You'll likely start seeing it everywhere, if you haven't already. Think: apparel and accessories, interior design, and media (album or book covers, movie posters, etc.).

If you are in the design space and/or will be creating something this year, see how you can incorporate PANTONE 13-1023's Peach Fuzz into your projects. You'll immediately be on trend!


Moodboards are great sources of inspiration and they're often really fun to put together. A few years ago when I was teaching graphic design, I had my students create moodboards with the Color of the Year (which at the time was Very Peri, 2022). I'm including a free moodboard template if you'd like to make your own Peach Fuzz compilation. Enjoy!

Download PDF • 12.87MB

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