Hi, I'm Jamie.

I'm a graphic designer specializing in creating cohesive brands
for passionately creative entrepreneurs like you. 

I help channel your excitement and all of your ideas to create a visually stunning, cohesive brand that feels right for you while working wonders for your business.

Bringing your brand to life should be a fun and exciting experience, and I'm here to guide you through every glorious step of it. I'll make sure I really get to know and understand your vision before digging into design, and you can count on me for constant enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the process.

While I'm proud to call Port St. Lucie, Florida home, I collaborate with amazing entrepreneurs from all over. I believe in the power of the tiny but mighty details. I genuinely love the work I do and am blessed by the incredible people it continues to bring into my life.

My Values & Vision


My clients are incredible people, and I treat them with the kindness, honesty, and respect they deserve. 


We have this one life. If there's a reason to toot a horn or throw a party, you better believe that's what I'm gonna do! 


In order to achieve amazing results, your trust in my experience is absolutely essential. 


I'm devoted to quality in every aspect of my work and will settle for nothing less than excellence. 


When we prioritize ourselves and our families, we're healthier, happier, and even more productive in our work.


Never stop growing and share everything you can along the way. We're all so much better when we lift each other up and work together.

I Love What I do

My fascination with colors, typography, and layout goes all the way back to childhood. From my first box of Crayolas to designing party invites for middle school friends, I knew that creating was my calling. I was 16 when I asked my dad if there was a job where I could play with colors and fonts for a living. He said, "Sure, it's called Graphic Design," and I've never looked back. I'm grateful to have found my passion early and to have helped many with my talents. You could be next!

A Peek Behind the Curtain